Kiondaga Lodge Google Workspace Information

Getting Started

Checking Your Email

There are a few ways to check emails to your lodge account.

Set your email signature by using this template. Need help setting your signature?

Gmail on the Web

Navigate to and ensure you have the correct account selected. You can now check your mail, compose new messages, and view other folders.

Gmail on Mobile

You can also check your lodge email on mobile devices. We recommend downloading the Google Gmail app for best performance. This will preserve your account settings such as email signatures.

Download Gmail on the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Collaborative Inboxes / Group Emails

To check collaborative inboxes that you are part of (contact, inductions, etc), navigate to You can now check mail, reply, and/or assign messages to other members of the collaborative inbox.

When replying to a message sent to a group, always CC the group so that other group members know a message was responded to.

More Info: Collaborative Inboxes Help Article


If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can follow these steps to setup your account on your computer.

Need Help?

Contact the Lodge key 3 or tech team if you need any help.